Pulse Storm Signature Pre-Rolled Joints

Pulse Storm pre-rolled joints are for those in-between moments. No matter what the setting or occasion, these carefully crafted pre-rolls are your new go-to way to smoke.


Pulse Storm is an indica-leaning hybrid that crosses cannabis-cup winner Girl Scout Cookies with Fruity Pebbles. And while those two sometimes celebrated foods don’t mix together that well, the strains that stole their names definitely do. The dominant terpenes bring a sweet, berry-forward taste. Dense, frosty-green, purple-tipped buds offer up a smooth smoke that brings a happy, euphoric high. The perfect way to recover from a stressful day, or wind down after a not at all stressful one.

- Organic unbleached rice papers
- Unbleached craft paper crutches
- Seth Style Hand Rolled Joints
- Same strains you'll find in Houseplant Signature Flower Tins