Pancake Ice Signature Pre-Rolled Joints

When you’re looking to be up and on the go, Pancake Ice pre-rolled joints are the convenient and smoke-all-day way to enjoy cannabis. Take a tin of sativa PRJs with you to a party, or smoke a little for yourself before diving into an exciting creative project.


When you're in the mood for a truly special sativa, Pancake Ice delivers a pleasant body high and uplifting feelings. In fact, this is a strain that you can smoke in the morning and still easily carry out a productive (if relaxed) day. We particularly enjoy that one of the terpenes (called “caryophyllene” if you're wondering) makes this strain just a little spicy. We think that subtle kick keeps things interesting and complements the more dominant clove and lemon scents in a really nice way.

- Organic unbleached rice papers
- Unbleached craft paper crutches
- Seth Style Hand Rolled Joints
- Same strains you'll find in Houseplant Signature Flower Tins