Steam Devil Signature Pre-Rolled Joints

When you’re looking to be up and on the go, Steam Devil Signature pre-rolled joints are the convenient and smoke-all-day way to enjoy cannabis. Take a tin of sativa PRJs with you to a party, or smoke a little for yourself before diving into an exciting creative project.


Steam Devil may sound like the name of a high-powered vacuum, but in reality it’s a high-powered Sativa. Bright green with hints of purple and blue, Steam Devil has a sweet, diesel-like aroma that will grab your nose the second you crack the tin. In addition to being known for its punchy and pungent scent, it’s known for a strong, clear high. Good for social gatherings and getting things done, like vacuuming.

- Organic unbleached rice papers
- Unbleached craft paper crutches
- Seth Style Hand Rolled Joints
- Same strains you'll find in Houseplant Signature Flower Tins